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Why The Constitution Has Been Destroyed, Prisons are Being Built, and the Country is Being Turned into a Police State
Mark A. Goldman                                                                   Dated:  8/8/2012

Americans who have committed acts of genocide and other crimes against humanity and continue to commit those crimes, know that if you understood what they have done and if you had the power, you would hold them accountable. 

They cannot stop committing these crimes without admitting what they have done.  They donít as yet have the courage or the integrity to do that; they are unable and/or unwilling to do that.  

To avoid being held accountable, they are stepping up their crimes.  From their point of view we too must now be disarmed, impoverished, destroyed, or otherwise made impotent and powerless to act. For now we are to them a potential enemy... now that we have access to the large body of evidence against them.  They apparently are willing to destroy the human race and even life itself on this planet rather than admit their guilt and face the consequences.  They have the power to destroy life on this planet, and they are, in fact, continuing to move in that direction, having decided so far to stay the course and defend their agendas.

In the end, I think we will have no choice but to declare full and unconditional amnesty and forgiveness for what they have done, assuming of course that they will accept our terms.  In some sense we are all complicit, having been negligent or unconscious participants along the way... at least until now.  

Our political and economic institutions have evolved in such a way as to allow these crimes to take place.  Some are more responsible than others for committing the most serious offenses, such as murder and genocide, but nevertheless we must stop this destruction and begin to rebuild sustainable institutions that support life rather than destroy it.  For that to happen, those who have acquired unjust wealth and power must be willing to step down and not stand in our way as we try our best to save this planet... if itís not already too late. 


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