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Impoverishing the World Might Not Be The Best Strategy

Mark A. Goldman                                                                     Dated: 1/2/2012


Both major political parties are engaged in a strategy to impoverish the world, citizens of the United States included.  The reason politicians would do that is because they do what they are told to do.  They will be rewarded personally for complying, while the rest of humanity will suffer because of it.  Why would the folks who rule the world want to impoverish you and me?  Simple.  We are at peak oil.  The world runs on oil.  Future supplies are limited.  The more poverty there is, the longer supplies will last.  Those who own and control oil also control the political landscape.  They will not give up their monopoly for the sake of humanity, and bankers will not give up trying to extract as much wealth as possible from each world citizen before each economy collapses under the strain.

And so the United States has become a machine for acquiring oil reserves.  That’s the agenda of the government.   That’s also the primary function of the military.  We are at war with every nation that has significant oil reserves.  No nation that has oil reserves will be allowed to become or remain a democracy.   Any democracy that has large oil reserves would want to retain those resources for the benefit of its own people.  Any nation that has oil reserves could conceivably become a wealthy nation. Of course, under our current strategy only a country's puppet regime and their affiliates are made wealthy while ordinary citizens are left to languish in poverty.  That's just the new world order.

The United States has fashioned itself into a predator in search of fossil fuel.   If you have some, our country will eat your lunch… sooner or later.  Even so, the jig is up.  There’s more demand for oil than there is supply.   That’s why the world is being impoverished.  The less you have, the more will be available for the predator class.  Pursuing this strategy is straightforward and absolute.  If you have it, we want it.  If we think we can take it, we will.  Nothing personal. 

But is this our best strategy?  Surely it is the simplest and the most straightforward.  The only problem is, you first have to extinguish the democratic process and moral sensibilities in order to execute the strategy unencumbered.  In the US, those preliminary steps have, for all intents and purposes, been accomplished.

Being the top predator is a good place to be… as long as you can keep that spot indefinitely.  But can you?  In the long run, oil reserves will still be depleted.   And in the interim, the expense of oil extraction, the cost of ongoing predation and the need for defenses against reprisals will all increase over time.  And when extracting oil is no longer profitable, then what?  By then there may be no options left… for anyone.  It’s easy enough to see why the strategy is attractive though.  It’s a winner over the short run…. but a winner for whom?   The ruling class wins, but only temporarily.   Even the size of the predator class diminishes over time as reserves are depleted and everyone else becomes their enemy.    

A Better Choice?

Perhaps a better strategy would be to shrink the military, end our predatory practices, and instead, pursue an aggressive program developing alternative sources of energy, not including nuclear or any fossil fuel.  This would grow the economy and facilitate sustainability.  But of course, in a democracy, trying to accomplish any big project is difficult… so difficult that you don’t see any presidential candidate from either major party proposing that we try it.  

Why not nuclear?  Because nuclear is not safe at any speed.  

Why not fossil fuel?  Because global warming will end life as we know it.

So what do you want to do? 


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