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If You Donít Get a Grip, You and Your Family Will Continue to Lose

Mark A. Goldman                                                                     Dated: 2/7/2013


You wonít win if you lack integrity.  Airplanes that arenít built with integrity are not safe to fly.  Nothing built, managed, or pursued without integrity will be as solid and as strong as it could otherwise be.  And to keep your freedom you will need all the strength and grit you can muster.  And if you keep voting for people you know are criminals, potential criminals, or people who are willing to tolerate criminals, you are not going to live in a country that operates with integrity, or one that is governed by the rule of law.

I know that you believe that if you vote for third party or independent candidates for public office that you are wasting your vote, because you believe that other people will not vote with integrity.  You believe they will continue to vote for the least worst criminal or potential criminal among the two major party candidates, and you would rather have what you think is the least worst criminal in power than the worst one.   This strategy will never work.  Never!  It is strategy that guarantees that criminals will always be in power.

So maybe you believe that among the two main choices at least one of them is not a criminal or someone who is willing to tolerate criminals.  Thatís just because you haven't done enough research to find out what kinds of policies those candidates have pursued in the past.  You havenít done your research with integrity.  Iím not talking about the policies they say they believe in and will pursue of elected; Iím talking about the policies the record shows they have actually pursued.  And if among the policies they have pursued is not a record of faithful striving to keep their oath of office or pledge of allegiance, which is to say, a persistent effort to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, then they are not worthy of holding office.  And I am not talking just about the office of President of the United States.  Iím talking about any and every office where you get to vote for a candidate and he or she must take an oath of office before taking office. 

How can you overcome the possibility that when you vote for someone who is truly worthy of your trust, someone else will, at least at first, have a better chance to win than your candidate?  You canít.  You can only try as hard as you can to convince others to vote with integrity too.  If a majority of citizens will not eventually figure out that their freedom and their happiness depends on their integrity, and vote accordingly, we will all surely lose.  And if you canít understand that your freedom and happiness depends on your integrity and you continue to live and vote with your integrity impaired, you will lose.  By now you should be able to see that you have already lost a great deal.  You will continue to lose until you align your words and actions with what you really want.

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