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Your Prayers Have Been Answered
Mark A. Goldman                                                                              11/01/07

This is a message to all who believe in God and pray for peace (and also to all who desire peace and do not believe in God). 

If you really want peace, your prayers have been answered.  God has given you a roadmap for achieving peace, justice, and prosperity but God will not make you follow that path.  It is your responsibility to open your heart and your mind in order that you might see and respond appropriately to the gift that has been given to you. 

God is not going to make you do anything, for God loves you in freedom.  Part of the responsibility of having been given the freedom to think for yourself is the responsibility to take appropriate action if it is within your purview to do so, and to move towards the goals you wish or pray for once you have been given the tools and the insight you need to proceed. 

If you are expecting God to relieve you of the responsibility and necessity of advancing your goals through your own purposeful and responsible behavior of which you are capable, then that is an expectation that probably will not be fulfilled, at least not in a way that you might hope. 

If you are somewhat confused by the options available to you and question your own ability to separate that which is real from that which is illusion, then you might rightfully ask God for help in sorting it all out.  If you ask with an open heart and with sincerity, that help will be given. 

I can tell you this.  God is real and not a myth.  Your prayers and desire for peace and justice have been heard, and a path to their fulfillment and/or appropriate clues to spark your imagination, have been provided.  The rest is up to you.  To follow this path does not require a belief in God, but it does require a belief in the power of the truth and a commitment to intellectual integrity. 

Who am I?

I am a messenger.  Over the last seven years I have been delivering the message.  On a number of occasions I have even repeated myself, thinking that perhaps repetition might be useful, particularly since there are always newcomers to the realization that a better world requires personal responsibility and participation.  Now that I've told you I am a messenger and have delivered a body of work which I refer to as the message, "the ball is now in your court". 

I do, in fact, sympathize with you, for the task before you is not an easy one.  A lot of what you believe or think you know are illusions propagated by religious and cultural institutions steeped in dogma.  Religions are attempts at explaining what is not very well understood by its proponents.  One common illusion is that having an exquisite relationship with God requires a religion.  It does not.

It is not always easy to let go of misunderstandings, particularly when the misunderstandings were presented to you by people you love and trust.  These people did not betray you... they only shared with you what they were taught; what they believed to be true. 

But human history is a story of discovery.  Old beliefs rightfully die and illusion is replaced with something closer to the truth, as human beings gain experience and learn more about their universe.

There will always be greater knowledge and deeper understanding ahead of you if you allow and keep yourself open to that possibility.

In any event, these are interesting times and God has not, will not, betray you.  But your happiness, success, and freedom will require that you actually use the full measure of your intelligence and abilities.

God loves you and so do I.

Mark A. Goldman

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