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How Bush Gets Jews To Give Up Judaism 
And Destroy Israel

Mark A. Goldman                                                                       Dated: 3/13/07


Someone got the brilliant idea that if they could capture the hearts and minds of the evangelicals and other religious groups that they could rise to power in America.  A corollary to this view is that if they could capture the hearts and minds of the Jewish political elite, it probably would be the tipping point.  That probably was the tipping point. 

Bush’s interest in Jews is three fold: 

First, by supporting Israel, he and his minions are guaranteed to get a lot of Jewish votes and a lot of Jewish money for himself and other politicians who support his agenda. 

Second, by befriending Israel, Bush has a regional power base from which to control Mid East oil in his quest for world domination.

Third, with Jewish support, Bush is given a pass on whatever policies he pursues regardless of the consequences or the morality.   

I use the word Bush here not only to mean Bush the individual, but to identify the consciousness of his group. 

Bush’s tactics are not subtle.  He has the consciousness of a brutal dictator.  He will lie, cheat, steal, murder, torture… whatever it takes… to accomplish his ends.  I don’t have to prove this.  I am only describing strategies Bush has used consistently in accumulating power and in pursuing his wars. 

Bush has the same consciousness that Hitler had and ironically, a great many Jews have aligned themselves with him.  By aligning with Bush, these Jews have acquired the power they needed to ‘defend’ Israel.  The problem is that the power that was acquired was a political payoff.  It was a payoff that said, “I will give you the power you are asking for as long as you do not get in my way as I pursue my own goals.”  It is what you might call an unholy alliance.  Such unholy alliances are the essence of Bush’s grand strategy and can be seen in everything he does. 

That is why I say that a lot of Jews have agreed to give up Judaism in exchange for power.  When you stop living your ideals--which is to say, the values your religion teaches--you are no longer practicing your religion, no matter what you call yourself. 

Many Jews are sacrificing their moral authority and their dignity to acquire this undeserved power.  Not only do they look the other way as Bush goes about making war on innocent people in his quest for world dominance, but they are content to look the other way even if, in order to achieve that world dominance, he is willing to destroy America and its democracy along the way. 

Bush has given Jews what they think they want.  His methods are brutal and some Jews have torn a page from Bush’s book and adopted his brutal consciousness as their own. 

In the end, Bush and his minions will fall and be swept away by history like all the other despots who have tried to accumulate power that does not belong to them.  And in this case, many Jews are among his minions and they too will be swept away, and maybe Israel with them.  Of course it is not only Jews who have gone for the ride.   

God loves people.  In his love for people he is the ultimate teacher.  And we will all learn what we need to know.  And what we need to know is how to love, how to live in freedom, how to live in peace, how to forgive, and how to be a human being in the image of God.  How long will that take?  A better question is, how long will it take you?

Mark A. Goldman
and Candidate for President of the United States

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